Teslin Tlingit Council Heritage (TTC)



Our Goals: To create a documentary record of Teslin Tlingit cultural practices in Tlingit and English. This record will be used to promote awareness, appreciation and understanding of Teslin Tlingit heritage, culture and history. Preserving traditional knowledge will support the management of resources within the Traditional Territory. In addition, it will assist visitors to heritage sites and the Heritage Centre with their interpretation of Teslin Tlingit heritage.

To bring about integrated knowledge and competence related to land based skills, language, history and culture in 75% of Citizens under the age of 55. By delivering a consistent, quality series of heritage and culture programs, individuals will build on their self-esteem, knowledge, and skills through increased connection to their culture and history. This will bring about improved health and wellness in addition to improved relationships with others and the land.

To design and implement a management plan for documentation and restoration of heritage sites and Tlingit artefacts. The assessment and planning of heritage sites across the traditional territory will help focus immediate, medium and long-term priorities for action, and will play a key role in leveraging financial resources.

To increase visitor numbers and experiences at the Heritage Centre.

Address:  Teslin Tlingit Council, Box 133, Teslin, Yukon, YOA 1B0


Telephone: 867-390-2532, ext. 330

Hours of Operation: