Establishing a RIM System

Bulletin | Records Management Bulletin: Office Organized: The Records Management Show Pt. 1 by NWT RM Bulletin

Bulletin | Records Management Bulletin: Office Organized: The Records Management Show by Pt. 2 NWT RM Bulletin


Learn about the benefits, cost savings, and return-on-investment (ROI) and get the tips to start automating your processes with scanning and capture as the starting point.

Management Toolkits

Tool | Comprehensive Toolkit for Managing Electronic Records

Tool | IM Toolkit for First Nation Government in BC

Tool | AIIM's Enterprise Content Management Toolkit

Tool | UK's IM Toolkit for Schools

Article | IM Advice for Local Government RIM system by TAHO

Web | Sending Records to Archives or Records Centre: Records Appraisal by SIA

Policies & Procedures Implementation

Manual | Managing Records Centers: A Procedures Manual by IRMT

Article |  Setting up a Paper-based system by SIA

Article | Setting up a Electronic records system by SIA

Article | 5 Steps to Starting a RM Program by Allen Podraza

Article | Trimming Your Bucket List by ARMA

Article | 8 Steps of the ISO/TR 15489 Records Management Methodology by AIIM

Article | How to Implement a Record Retention Schedule for Electronic and Other Records By ACC

Article | RIM Implementation Plan by Government of South Australia 

Article |  IM Manual by Office of the Information Commissioner Government of Canada

Article | What to Do Before You Digitize: A Checklist by IRON MOUNTAIN 

Article 1 / Article 2 | How to successfully implement RIM software by FusionRMS

Learn core strategic and business management skills that can help to bolster your business acumen. Discover how to align your projects with the larger purpose of your organization.

Examples & worksheets

Web | Government Recordkeeping Resources by NSW State Archives & Records

Samples | Memory Yukon Project Lists of Policies and Procedures by YCA

Example | UVic Records Flowchart

Example | UVic Records Classification records type list

Example | UVic Document Naming Convention

Example | University of Guelph Records retention & disposition policies

Example | Tsawassen First Nation's RIM policy

Worksheet | Inventory Worksheet by Laura Millar Memory Yukon Project

Worksheet | Reference Publication Identification Worksheet by Laura Millar Memory Yukon Project