Resources on Archiving Records of Enduring Value.

Introduction to establishing an archives

What is an Archivist looks at the various tasks that archivists perform, from both the good and bad perspective. 

Colleagues who work in local First Nations Archives, Resource Centres & RM programs share their experiences establishing archives.

Archival acquisition, accessioning & Appraisal

Guideline for developing an acquisition policy

  • Acquisition Mandate and Policies SAMPLE | Simon Fraser University & Nova Scotia Archives
    • Mandate and policies come in varying forms, it is important to ensure your mandate or policy encompasses and describes what exactly will be acquired by the institution.
  • A Guide to Deed of Gift by SAA
  • CCA's Definition to the Donor Agreement
  • EXAMPLE | Accession Registar Entries

How to Appraise Records: 

  • Micro and Macro Appraisals:
  1. Publication | Archival Appraisal: Theory and Practice By Barbara Craig
  2. Article |

Archival Arrangement & Description

An explanation of the principles behind the arrangement of archival materials and practical advice on how to approach arrangement.
An overview of archival description and standards, with practical advice on how to create finding aids for archival materials.

Hosted by the Archives Association of British Columbia. Setting aside infrastructure, policies, management, and money, what information needs to be recorded in order to ensure that the longevity of a digital record? Let's talk about Rules for Archival Description and PREMIS.


Hosted by the Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC). How do you manage photographs when you cannot determine who owned them or who holds copyright over them or you don't know anything about the content of the photograph itself.

Preservation, Conservation & Risk Management Planning

Developing a Conservation Policy for a Museum

Preservation Needs Assessment Survey Guide BETH PATKUS

Preservation and Conservation Archival Quality storage:

Caring for Your Materials:


Digital Records & Digitization

Software for Description Database and Preservation of Digital information:


Digital Curation Tools:

Archives Access, Copyright & Privacy




Archival Awareness, Outreach & Fund-raising

The Yukon Council of Archives encourages Individual, General, and Institutional members interested in professional development and training courses, to apply for assistance through the Yukon Heritage Training Fund. If you wish to apply for financial assistance, please consult the Guidelines. They provides information on how money is awarded, who is eligible, how to apply and the responsibilities of the applicant if the application is successful. Otherwise, please take a look at external funding & advocacy resources listed below.

Provincial & Territorial Archives Councils in Canada

 Click on Image to access links to Council web pages.

Click on Image to access links to Council web pages.

Other Archival resources

The archival descriptions of participating Canadian archives may be searched via a combined database called ArchivesCanada. 


The Yukon Archival Union List (YAUL) consists of descriptions of archival material held at publicly-accessible archival repositories in the Yukon Territory. The YAUL has been created by the Yukon Council of Archives with the assistance of the Archives Association of British Columbia. 

Search the Yukon Archival Union List


Archival Education resources

including webcasts, podcasts, audio and video resources

  1. Webcast Database |
  2. UK archives media database |
  3. LAC's Podcasts on Archives
  4. AABC's Archivist Courses |

Other Resource Lists

Search through institutions managing archival educational resources for other archivists or archive enthusiasts

  1. SAA's database on Archival education courses and degrees |
  2. Archives Canada's Resource list |
  3. AABC's Resource List |

Records Information management (RIM)

Resources on Managing Records from Cradle to Grave.

Introduction to Record & information management (RIM)

ARTICLE | Dispelling Myths Records Retention in Canada

What could your organization accomplish by going paper-less? Learn about the benefits, cost savings, and return-on-investment (ROI) and get the tips to start automating your processes with scanning and capture as the starting point. For more information on the drivers for paper free, check out this free executive summary:

Records management addresses the life cycle of records, i.e., the period of time that records are in the custody of Federal agencies. The life cycle usually consists of three stages: - Creation or receipt - Maintenance and use - Disposition Accessibility: This video is fully captioned for audio accessibility.

Privacy, Access, Use & Dissemination of Information

EXAMPLE | University of Guelph Access to Information Statement

Service Alberta's documents on Access and Privacy of Records

Alberta's FOIP Access Guidelines and Practices & Access to Information Form

Information is everywhere and it is poorly (if at all) managed. Amidst all of this opportunity, organizations are drowning in a sea of content and information. File servers are overflowing and multiplying, making it difficult for anyone to find anything. Information is leaking out of the organization at every turn.
Do an internet search on "average time spent on email" and the varied results range from 2.5 to 6.3 hours a day and represent hundreds of emails. Learn the top tips to get that information into your business processes as quickly, efficiently, and compliantly as possible.
Follow along with this webinar replay and take a close look at some best practices for data privacy compliance, and assess how six large US-based multinational organizations are: -Prioritizing GDPR compliance with other goals -Assessing the risk posed by noncompliance -Formalizing teams to address this and future mandates -Revising data privacy models in a world where breaches continue to be the norm Want to learn more about the current state of information governance and compliance?
Generally when we think of these instances, we think of cyber hackers as the cause. But, the threat may actually be closer to home. How do you make sure internal threats aren't living in your office? How can you share your sensitive data and information to the intended recipients outside your firewalls safely and securely - and in a compliant manner?
Follow along as AIIM's chief analyst participates in an interactive discussion with a leading executive on what it takes to manage and protect information in Canada. Learn and how to take advantage of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) when paired with information governance best practices.
Learn about the risks and challenges of typical imaging and 4 ways you can make sure your captured information is protected. For more information on Scanning & Capture, visit our resource center:

Maintenance, Evaluation & Audits

NHS Records Management Audit Framework | Use this as a template for RIM Audits 

ACC Records Management Checklist | Use this Checklist to ensure you have a complete and comprehensive RIM system

Professional AIIM Audit Checklist [Membership required]

ARTICLE | Don't Let Audits Overlook Your RM


Getting Certified

Online Courses:

Fleming College Continuing Education certification

Mohawk COllege programs