Records Disposition

Part 4 of a 12-part series on Records Management in New Jersey for public agencies and their constituencies.

What is Final disposition?

Web | Frequently Asked Questions: Records Scheduling and Disposition by NARA

Manual | Disposition of Federal Records: A Records Management Handbook 2000 Web Edition by NARA

Sample | Preparing Records Schedules Government Records Office by Archives of Manitoba


Process & Procedures

Web | Policy and Process: Disposing of records by National Archives

Bulletin | Records Management Bulletin: Disposition by NWT RM Bulletin

Newsletter | Records Management Tips: Disposition Pt.1 by NWT

Newsletter | Records Management Tips: Disposition Pt.2 by NWT

Guides | Guidelines for Records Disposal by Saskatchewan Archives

Bulletin | Records Management Bulletin: Reviewing and Approving Records Dispositions by NWT RM Bulletin

Bulletin | Records Management Bulletin: Records Disposition Authority by NWT RM Bulletin

How to Disposition Records Using Your Retention Schedule by UTMB Health Media Services

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