Preservation, Conservation & Risk Management

Preservation n. ~ 1. The professional discipline of protecting materials by minimizing chemical and physical deterioration and damage to minimize the loss of information and to extend the life of cultural property. - 2. The act of keeping from harm, injury, decay, or destruction, especially through noninvasive treatment. - 3. Law · The obligation to protect records and other materials potentially relevant to litigation and subject to discovery. Note: Preservation is sometimes distinguished from conservation, the latter describing treatments to repair damage. However, preservation activities are often considered a sub-discipline within the profession of conservation.

Conservation counters existing damage, as distinguished from preservation, which attempts to prevent damage. Conservation does not always eliminate evidence of damage; restoration includes techniques to return materials to their original appearances (which may include fabrication of missing pieces). - However, conservation is often used to include preservation activities.

Risk Management n. ~ The systematic control of losses or damages, including the analysis of threats, implementation of measures to minimize such risks, and implementing recovery programs.

PRESERVATION & Conservation

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Archival Risk Management

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The video takes viewers inside the preservation lab at the National Archives where specialists construct custom boxes for items as varied as a Cold War-era pistol and a 1761 Indian treaty. The boxes can be simple affairs, built to house a book -- or extremely complex, holding multiple, related items in multi-chambered constructions.

Preservation, Conservation & risk management resources

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