Membership Application / Renewal Form

Fill out the Online Form below according to the membership type you are applying for or fill out our PDF form and mail it to Yukon Council of Archives Box 31089 Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5P7

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is available to any organization which adheres to the definition of an archives as stated in the YCA constitution. The relevant section reads: An archives is permanent establishment dedicated to

  • appraising, selecting, acquiring the archival records of its sponsoring institution (normally its primary goal) and/or the archival records of corporate bodies, organizations, or individuals relevant to its sponsoring institution or to a defined community or thematic interest;

  • preserving the archival records to accepted archival principals;

  • arranging and describing the archival records according to accepted archival principles;

  • making the archival records available for continuing use under defined conditions by the sponsoring institution and by the public.

  • Institutional members shall pay the annual association fee and they shall designate only one representative to vote at all meetings and to be eligible to hold office in the Association Archives applying for institutional membership must provide documentation to show that their Archives conforms to the above listed definition of an archives. Institutional $25.00 __________

General Membership

General membership is available to those institutions, corporations, or associations who support the above listed objectives of the council and are interested in archival work. General $20.00 __________

Individual Membership

Individual membership is available to any person who supports the above-listed objectives of the council and is engaged or interested in archival work. Institutional and General Members: Individual $10.00 ________

Online Institution/General Members Form:

Online Individual Members Form