Kluane First Nation (KFN)




It is the vision of the Kluane First Nation to create a healthy, happy and economically stable community.  Our ideal community would be free of crime and abuse of any kind and our people would go about their day to day activities in a spirit of gentleness and cooperation.  In our ideal community, families would work together to help each other and our Culture would be shared with our children.  We recognize we must live in a modern world as well and will prepare our youth to love and respect our heritage while at the same time gaining the skills to survive in a modern world.


In order to achieve the long term vision, our mission is to build political and administrative systems of governance that will respect and value the past and still be able to communicate and participate with modern government structures.

Address: PO Box 20, Burwash Landing, Yukon, Canada  Y0B 1V0


Telephone: (867) 841-4274

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday to Friday 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.