Mellon Foundation and Digital Preservation Coalition Sponsor Formation for Email Archives

As we head into the new era of fast-paced technologies and the ever growing conundrum of managing digital records, many archives are looking towards new ways of managing these issues. The Mellon Foundation has created a task force to deal with the impending problem of emails. As we now know, emails are not transitory records but are records with the same standings as personal correspondences like love letters or postcards. 

Christopher Prom, assistant university archivist/Andrew S. G. Turyn Endowed Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign explains that "This is a topic of deep concern.  Preserved correspondence helps students of the past develop a nuanced understanding of events, much more so than published or other widely circulated sources,"

It has been noted that "The preservation of email thus cannot rely on a single, comprehensive solution, but on the coupling and interaction of a variety of solutions covering the entire range of archival activities, from appraising the research value of email to helping researchers discover and use it." 

This initiation to look for a different type of solution for an E-mail archive not available out in the market at the moment can greatly change the way we manage digital records such as E-mails.

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