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Good Archives and Records Management systems helps awareness through projects like: Our Native Land CBC . Read up on some of our resources to learn more about this topic!


  • Guide | Native Languages Archives Repository Project Reference Guide by ANA

  • Article | Aboriginal Interventions into the Photographic Archives: A Dialogue between Carol Payne and Jeffrey Thomas

  • Article | Report and Recommendations of the Consultation on Aboriginal Resources and Services by LAC

  • Web | Aboriginal documentary heritage by LAC

  • Web | Indigenous Advisory Circle by LAC (Part of Indigenous Documentary Heritage Initiatives)

  • Book | Aboriginal History Volume 13

  • Article | Opening Archives: Respectful Repatriation by Kimberly Christen

  • Article | Indigenous Knowledge and Archives by Kirsten Thorpe

  • Article | Visions and Metaphors for First Nations Information Management by Kim Lawson

  • Article | Maintaining the Reliability of Aboriginal Oral Records and Their Material Manifestations: Implications for Archival Practice by Shauna McRanor

  • Article | When Reconciliation Meets Conflict: Exploring Indigenous Archives by Samuel Mickelson

  • Article | Settler Records, Indigenous Histories: Challenges in Indigenous Genealogical Research by Stacey Devlin & Emily Cuggy

  • Article | Who Owns the Past-Aborigines as Captives of the Archives Henrietta Fourmile

  • Article | Local archives and community collecting in the digital age by Lyndon Ormond & Robyn Sloggett

  • Article | 'I knew who I was not, but not who I was'. Public storytelling in the lives of Australian adoptees by Margaret Taft, Kay Dreyfus, Marian Quartly & Denise Cuthbert

  • Article | Activating the archive: rethinking the role of traditional archives for local activist projects by Alexandrina Buchanan & Michelle Bastian

  • Article | Community-Centered Collecting: Finding Out What Communities Want from Community Archives by Michelle Caswell

  • Article | Independent Community Archives & Community-Generated Content ‘Writing, Saving and Sharing our Histories’ by Andrew Flinn

  • Article | In the Trenches: Archival Ethics, Law and the Case of the Destroyed CIA Tapes by Douglas Cox

  • Article | Indigenous Knowledge and Archives: Accessing Hidden History and Understandings by Lynette Russell

Records information management  Issues Awareness


  • Article | Indigenous Records: connecting, critiquing and diversifying collections by Kirsten Thorpe

  • Article | Indigenous Peoples’ Land And Resource Rights by Robert B. Anderson, Bettina Schneider, & Bob Kayseas

  • Article | Records and Information Management Issues in First Nations Governments by ARMA

  • MOU | MOU Between ARMA Canada Region, and, ARMA Vancouver Chapter, and, the First Nations Summit Society and, the British Columbia First Nations Public Service Secretariat (BCFNPSS)

  • Article | indigenous people: reconciliation and healing: why aboriginal people can’t just “get over it” by Here To Help BC

  • Manual | The Aboriginal Finance and Management Capacity Development Series: Introduction to Document Management by AFOA

  • Article | Governance & Recordkeeping Around the World Sept 2018

Taken From Book Vision

Rooting for Change through Archives & RIM systems for Indigenous communities

Article | Indigenous Self- Government by Indigenous Corporate Training Inc.

Web | A Look at Indigenous Relations in Canada for 2018 and Beyond by ICT Inc.

News | Federal Court of Appeal dismisses First Nations’ challenge of B.C.’s Site C dam by Laura Kane Globe & Mail

News | Algonquins one step closer to Ontario’s first modern treaty By Ainslie Cruickshank

News | Ouellette: Indigenous language use could be supported in House ‘within a year’ by Rachel Gilmore

News | Past approach to treaty negotiation didn’t work: INAC officials By James Munson

News | Indigenous and Northern Affairs splitting into two departments By James Munson

Yukon Indigenous language revitalization

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First Voices Language Documentation Project

CYFN List of Yukon Indigenous Languages

Native Land Interactive Indigenous Language Map

Stories Matter | Phase II of the Stories Matter Application – A New Media Alternative to Oral History Transcription by

Stories Matter is a new oral history database tool built for oral historians by oral historians, as an alternative to transcription. This free, open source software allows for the archiving of digital video and audio materials, enabling oral historians to annotate, analyze, and evaluate materials in their collections.