Digitization & Oral History

  • Book | Why Digitize? by Abby Smith

  • Blog | Why don’t you digitize everything? by PAMA

  • Article | Digitization in an Archival Environment by Sally McKay

  • Article | Archival Digitization and the Struggle to Create Useful Digital Reproductions By Krista McCracken

  • Article | Digitising and handling Indigenous cultural resources in libraries, archives and museums by Alex Byrne

  • Directory | A Global Directory of Services and Suppliers of Audiovisual Media by AMIA

  • Article | Digitizing Archival Material Guidelines by G.S.O

->Collection ID Guide by PSAP<-

Digitization of Archival Material Guides

  • Toolkit | Minimum Viable Workstation by XFR Collective

  • Toolkit | Indigitization Toolkit

  • Toolkit | Audio/Video Resources by XFR Collective

  • Guide | Audio Cassette Digitization Workstation by Sustainable Heritage Network

  • Guide | Minimum Digitization Capture Recommendations by ALCTS

  • Guide | Guidelines on File Formats for Transferring Information Resources of Enduring Value by LAC

  • Guide | Digitization Best Practice by York University

  • Article | Capturing Analog Sound for Digital Preservation: Report of a Roundtable Discussion of Best Practices for Transferring Analog Discs and Tapes by LOC

  • Guide | Universal Photographic Digital Imaging: Image Reciever Guidelines by UPDIG

  • Guide | Universal Photographic Digital Imaging: Quick Guide by UPDIG

  • Guide | A Guide for Managers Planning and Implementing Digitization Projects by Government of Canada

  • Web | Digitizing Collection by the Smithsonian Institution Archives

  • Guide | Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects (web edition) by IASA

  • Guide | Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials Creation of Raster Image Files by FADGI

  • Guide | What to do Before you Digitize by Iron Mountain

  • Guide | Digitization and Archives by CCA

  • Guide | Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access: Decision Chart by NARA

  • Guide | Digitizing Video for Long-Term Preservation: An RFP Guide and Template by Barbara Goldsmith

  • Guide | Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Archival Materials for Electronic Access: Creation of Production Master Files – Raster Images by NARA

  • Guide | Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings Part B. Video Signal, Preservation Concepts, and Target Formats by IASA

  • Guide | Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings Part C. Introduction by IASA

  • Toolkit | Bibliography for Digitization Projects by CCA

In the Yukon Archives: this is how we do it.

Policy | Yukon Archives Standard for Digitizing Sound Recordings: Creation of Audio Masters

Policy | Yukon Archives Metadata Standard for Image Masters Created Through Digitization

Policy | Yukon Archives File Naming Standard for Digitized Archival and Published Material

Policy | Yukon Archives Standard for Digitizing Photographs: Creation of Raster Image Masters


Browse through the massive resource database provided by SHN on how to do oral history as well as managing and preserving them.

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Storing & Maintaining digitized materials

Article | Preserving Moving Pictures and Sound By the DPC Richard Wright

Article | Long-Term Storage of Videotape by Jim Wheeler

Article | Causes and Measurement of Videotape Decay Richard Keatinge

Blog | CDs Are Not Forever: The Truth About CD/DVD Longevity, “Mold” & “Rot” by Tina Sieber 

Article | Capturing Analog Sound for Digital Preservation by Library of Congress

Book | Sound Directions Best Practices For Audio Preservation By Mike Casey

Manual | Audiovisual archives: A practical reader by UNESCO

Book | Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects (web edition) by IASA

Web | Hard Drive Failure Rates (which one to buy?) by Andy Klein on Black Blaze

Web | For The Most Accurate Scans, Calibrate Your Scanner by Lifewire

A look inside the digitization labs at the National Archives, where a dedicated team of technicians uses state-of-the-art technology to preserve the Archives' remarkable holdings. Once digitized, the records are available to the public online. Motion pictures, still photographs, paper documents, audio-video recordings are some of the records shown being digitized in the labs of the National Archives in this video.

Managing your recordings:


AVI-MetaEdit The software gives you ability to perform various metadata editing for AVI files. You can use the tool to embed, edit, import, and export metadata.

BWF MetaEdit is a tool that supports embedding, validating, and exporting of metadata in Broadcast WAVE Format (BWF) files. It supports the FADGI Broadcast WAVE Metadata Embedding Guidelines.

Guide | Metadata Standards and Guidelines Relevant to Digital Audio by PARS Task Force

Stacey Zembrzycki explains the processes of doing oral history.

Saving Oral history Traditions in the Archives

Handbook | Oral History Handbook by Beth M Robertson

Web | Iportal search by University of Saskatchewan

Blog | 11 Things you should know about Aboriginal Oral Traditions by ICTINC

Web | Indigitization Toolkit for the Digitization of First Nations Knowledge

Web | Oral Traditions by Indigenous Foundation UBC

Guide | Guide to Oral History Recording by Australian War Memorial

Guide | Australia Talking History: Oral History Guidelines by Sharon Veale and Kathleen Schilling

Book | Getting Started in Oral Traditions Research by P. Polar [Excerpt]

Web | Ethics by Concordia University Centre for Oral History & Digital Storytelling

Web | Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History by Judith Moyer 

Article | Legalizing Oral History: Proving Aboriginal Claims in Canadian Courts by Kent McNeil

Article | Maintaining the Reliability of Aboriginal Oral Records and Their Material Manifestations: Implications for Archival Practice by Shauna McRanor

Web | First Nations Pedagogy Online

Web | Oral Traditions Resources by SWSLibrary

Web | Oral History Centre Workshops and Membership

Some Funding Opportunities for Digitization and Equipment Resources:

  • Web | G.S. Broadcast Technical Services Ltd. Products Page

  • Web | Oral History Equipment Suggestions by NSW

  • Article | BASIC ORAL HISTORY RECORDING KIT: EQUIPMENT PURCHASING GUIDE by, Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation:

  • Web | Indigitization Project Funding Application