Council Projects Reports

Over the past years since the establishment of the Council, YCA has undertaken several commendable projects. Each project has produced exceptional results and defined the vast archival and record management landscape in the Yukon. This section features reports developed from Projects undertaken by YCA starting from 1987~Present.

Community Archivist Phase 3 Part 2 Final Report (2018-2019)

By yca (Jenny lu & linda johnson)

In this Phase 3, Part 2 of the project, the Community Archivist provided an ideal scope of expertise for the organizations participating in this phase. The site visits this year include, Council for Yukon First Nations (CYFN), Yukon Native Language Centre (YNLC), Southern Tutchone Tribal Council (STTC), Yukon College, Yukon Heritage Resources Board (YHRB), Yukon Historical & Museums Association (YHMA), historical societies with archival records except for Faro, and museums with archival records except for the MacBride Museum of Yukon History and Keno Mining Museum.

report on summit on archives in the yukon

by YCA

Please click on the following button to access agenda and presentations presented at the summit.

Phase 3 Part 1 Final Report to come.

community archivist project phase 2 report 2017

by laura millar

This report outlines the work undertaken by the Community Archivist Laura Millar in August 2017 to support the Yukon Community Archivist Project, sponsored by the Yukon Community Development Fund. This Report provides an overview of project activities, followed by a summary of findings and recommendations.

Community Archivist Project Phase 1 Report 2016

By Laura Millar

According to the terms of reference for the Community Archivist Project, the Community Archivist was contracted to visit selected communities in the Yukon Territory to provide advice, guidance, and training for heritage staff, contractors, supervisors, leaders, and board members. The project outcomes were to include the development of Yukon-appropriate archival processes and templates plus training so that community archives could manage their “diverse and dispersed documentary heritage” based on appropriate archival standards.

Update: Yukon Archival Needs Assessment Report 2016

By Fay Tangermann

The update is intended to document changes to archival programs and practices during the past four years, and identify the range of needs, plans and priorities of Yukon archival repositories. It is also to provide direction to YCA in its planning priorities to best support the Yukon’s archival community.

Yukon Archival Needs Assessment Report 2012

By Claire Daitch

This archival needs assessment report, prepared for the Yukon Council of Archives (YCA), is intended to document the development of archival programs and the extent of archival holdings amongst Yukon archival repositories. It analyzes the needs and priorities of institutions dedicated to preserving Yukon’s documentary heritage. This report also explores outreach and advisory models used by archival councils in nearby jurisdictions of Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.

Yukon Conservation Needs Assessment Report 1992

By Lesley Buchan

The YCA executive recognized that before any decisions could be made on how to allot money for archival conservation, it was first necessary to determine the conservation situation in the Yukon. It decided to use the first year’s funding to sponsor a conservation needs assessment project to survey repositories holding archival material and identify their conservation requirements. This report will also assist the YCA to assess subsequent application under CPCAR.

Yukon Conservation Needs Assessment & Planning Study Report 1987

by Jim Connell

The Needs Assessment Study was undertaken to examine the current state of affairs of archives throughout the territory, and to gain an understanding of the priorities and future directions of these institutions. In this report prepared by Jim Connell, the goals of the study are met and presented in a well-documented and logical fashion. Funding for this project was provided by the CCA.